The Slovak cookery

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Over the past centuries the Slovak cookery and nourshment have overcame considerable changes. However, despite thode, changes of natural conditions of particular regions keep influencing the Slovak gastronomy giving it typical regional features. Preservation of typical elements of nourishment depended on the geographic location, climatic conditions, composition of the soil, flora and fauna, and on the human work and imagination in food processing.Typical features of gastronomy in particular regions of Slovakia werw always conected not only with the geographic location but also with economic and national traditions. The staple food was mainly cereals, leguminous plants, potatoes, among vegetables cabbage, and among animal produdcts milk, cheese, soft, processed sheep cheese (bryndza) and curds or cottage cheese.It is well known that the common food of the people was first based of all on their own resources of raw materials. Therefore, there are big differences in food of our folk not only by the regions but also by smaller geographic areas developed even by particular social groups of population, not speaking about the differences of cuisine between the urbane and rural population. The meals were considerably distinct also in working days, on Sundays and holidays.The submitted book contains diverse specialties of the Slovak cuisine, and among them also some almost forgotten delicacies. However, all the recipes have one thing in common - by their row materials as well as technologies of prepare they acquaint the reader with the meals characteristic for particular regions of Slovakia.

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