The Slovak Economy and EU Membership

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The book before you is dedicated to the Slovak economy – a small open economy of 5.3 million inhabitants and located in the middle of Europe – bringing together a series of chapters covering specific aspects of this country, giving detailed accounts of Slovakia as it joins the EU, thus offering logical scrutiny of economic episodes emerged and developed in the recent past. Readers will find thoughtful interpretations of what transpired in Slovakia during the previous decade to the present. The novelty of the book concerns the amount of information each chapter generates for the reader, as well as offering effective tools for researchers debating these many issues, while continuously investigating the most intriguing aspects of Slovak experience. Our primary task has been to face up to the Slovak case under the provoking perspective of how a small open economy emerges in the context of global markets and strong interplay of economic forces. With this scope in mind, the entire volume explores all aspects of Slovakia’s economy in a logical manner, in which data, findings, points of view come and support the broadest objective to stimulate critical thinking instead of simply recording facts.

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