TRIPP-LITE TrippLite SMARTONLINE™ SmartOnline 20kVA Modular 3-Phase UPS System, On-line Double-Conversion UPS

SU20KX SmartOnline 20kVA Modular 3-Phase UPS System, On-line Double-Conversion UPS 20,000... Viac...
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SmartOnline 20kVA Modular 3-Phase UPS System, On-line Double-Conversion UPS
20,000 VA (20kVA) 3-phase tower UPS
1+1 parallel capability allows for system redundancy or increased capacity
Low THDi reduces installation costs by permitting 1:1 generator sizing
3-phase hardwire (220/380V, 230/400V or 240/415V AC, 3-phase, 4-wire + ground, wye) input/output
IGBT technology and zero transfer time, on-line, double-conversion operation
Runtime is expandable with the addition of two SURBC2030 internal battery packs or via external battery cabinet options

Key Features

1+1 configuration: Two SU20KX can be connected in parallel to provide either fail-safe redundancy or increased capacity
Low THDi (less than 3%) reduces installation costs by allowing 1:1 generator sizing
Extremely efficient operation (up to 97%) saves money by reducing electricity consumption
True on-line, double-conversion UPS with IGBT technology provides pure sine wave AC output at all times
Maintains continuous operation with zero transfer time through blackouts, voltage fluctuations and surges
Removes harmonic distortion, electrical impulses, frequency variations and other hard-to-solve power problems
20,000VA/16,000W power capacity with 3-phase, hardwire input/output connections
Wide input voltage correction range: 173-276V/300-477V AC
Internal power and battery modules are combined in a single small-footprint tower compartment. Typical half-load/full-load runtimes are 13 min./5.5 min. Battery runtime can be extended with optional stand-alone hardwired external battery modules (Models BP480V26B and BP480V40C, available separately)
Front panel combination LCD/LED display includes a real-time event log screen with up to 500 events listed
Dynamic battery management screen optimizes battery function to lengthen service life and allow cold restart of the UPS
Built-in RS-232 communication port works with included PowerAlert Software to provide shutdown commands and reporting on a single server
Accessory slot accepts an optional internal SNMP card (Model SNMPWEBCARD) for remote shutdowns, reboots and more
Emergency Power Off button turns UPS output OFF and disables Bypass output
Built-in Emergency Power Off (EPO) dry-contact interface supports remote emergency shutdown in large facilities

Package Includes

SU20KX UPS System
PowerAlert Software
Instruction manual
Warranty information

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