This book is a translation of the original Slovak edition published in 2007. The commentaries... Viac...
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This book is a translation of the original Slovak edition published in 2007. The commentaries from today (a 2012 perspective) are included in obvious italics in the footnotes.The main idea if the book is that violence is integral to the nature of human beings as a biological species. Human beings primarily tend to exercise collective violence (war, genocide), which is often glorified by culture. This collective violence has been long an efficient function of the selective evolution of human civilization. The nations that have been successful are only those, which were both able to live in peace and able to fight in the most brutal manner, if and when necessary. Military capacities and the ability to deploy them are the principal criterion of survival and the benchmark that states use to compare their respective power.As a result of the above, the use of force is and will be a permanent fixture of international relations, at least as a potential threat. The legal regulation of actual warlike activity is also an important issue for analysis. However, a fully-fledged regulation of the war violence is impossible because war is a serious matter and the stakes are very high. On the other hand there exist factors which moderate warlike enthusiasm and reduce the likelihood of an outbreak of war - the book describes also them.

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