Supermicro SuperBlade InfiniBand MezanineCard ,IBH-002

SuperBlade™ Networking AOC-IBH-002 (Mezzanine HCA) Chipset Mellanox InfiniHost III Lx... Viac...
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Product ID: AOC-IBH-002
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SuperBlade™ Networking

AOC-IBH-002 (Mezzanine HCA)

Chipset Mellanox InfiniHost III Lx DDR
InfiniBand Ports Single 4x DDR 20-Gbps port
Power Consumption 10.4W typical/ 11W max

InfiniBand Mezanine HCA Cards
For any blade to access the InfiniBand module, it must have an InfiniBand mezzanine HCA card installed on its mainboard. The AOC-IBH-001, AOC-IBH-002 and AOC-IBH-003 mezzanine cards provide this 20-Gbps connectivity (4x DDR) through the backplane to the InfiniBand switch module. The AOC-IBH-003 can alternatively be used for 10-Gbps Ethernet connectivity when used in concert with the SBM-XEM-002 10-Gbps Pass-through module.
Add-on Card


3.10us latency (ib_write_bw)
Single 20Gb/s InfiniBand port
CPU offload of transport operations
End-to-end QoS and congestion control
Hardware-based I/O virtualization
TCP/UDP/IP stateless offload
Full support for Intel I/OAT
Support both AMD and Intel platforms


- Mellanox InfiniHost III LX IB
DDR Chip
- Single 4X InfiniBand port
- 20Gb/s port speed
- RDMA, Send/Receive semantics
- Hardware-based congestion
- Atomic operations
- SuperBlade Mezzanine Card
- Interoperable with InfiniBand
switches through SuperBlade
InfiniBand Switch (SBI-IBS-001)
- 10m+ (20Gb/s) of copper cable
Hardware-based I/O Virtualization:
- Address translation and
- Multiple queues per virtual
- Native OS performance
- Complimentary to Intel and AMD
CPU Offloads:
- TCP/UDP/IP stateless offload
- Intelligent interrupt coalescence
- Full support for Intel I/OAT
- Compliant to Microsoft RSS and
Operating Systems/Distributions:
- Novell, RedHat, Fedora and
- Microsoft Windows Server
Operating Conditions:
- Operating temperature: 0 to 55°C

Compatible Servers

All Enterprise Blade Servers

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