SanDisk Lightning II Ascend™ 400GB 12Gb/s SAS 2,5`` SSD R/W 980/600 MB/s,

Features • Full data path protection, end-to-end T10-DIF support •... Viac...
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Product ID: SDLTODKM-400G-5CA1
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Popis produktu

• Full data path protection, end-to-end
T10-DIF support
• Temperature-based performance control
• MTBF - 2.5 Million Hours3
• 5 Year Warranty4
• High, Predictable Performance
• Industry-leading Reliability
• Highest cost-to-performance value
• Maximum bandwidth for high speed
data transfer rates
• Complete vertical integration
Application Workloads
• On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP)
• Financial Transactions
• E-Commerce
• Email/Messaging
• Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
• Collaboration
Lightning Ascend™ Gen. II 12Gb/s SAS 2.5" SSDs
200GB – 1.6TB
Data Throughput
(Sequential Read/Write)1/* Up to 980/600 MB/s
Total IOPS* (Random Read)
4KB – (single port) Up to 195,000 IOPS
Total IOPS* (Random Write)
4KB – (single port) Up to 100,000 IOPS
Interface, Capacity, and Memory Technology
Host Interface 12Gb/s SAS
Interface Ports Dual (x2 wide) full-duplex
Form Factor 2.5 inch
19nm eMLC User Capacities2 200GB, 400GB, 800GB, 1.6TB
Sector Sizes Supported 512, 520, 4K bytes/sector
T10-DIF 1, DIF 2 Support
Unrecovered Bit Error Rate (UBER) <1 sector in 1018 bits read
End-to-End Data Protection No performance impact
Patrol Read (automatic) No performance impact
Power-on Hours 8760 hours per year
MTBF3 2.5 million hours
Warranty4 Lesser of 5 years or maximum endurance used
DWPD (Random Read) 10 DWPD
Physical Dimensions
Height (max) 15.0 mm
Width (max) 70.1 mm
Length (max) 100.45 mm
Weight 0.238 Kg
Power Consumption
Idle 3.9 watts
Typical 5.9 watts
Operating Temperature (ambient) 0 to 60° C
Non-operating Temperature -40 to 85° C
Start-up Time (Power-on to Ready) <15 seconds
Specifications subject to change without notice. All specifications are based on an 11W performance level.
* Performance may vary by capacity.
(1) Based on direct attached SAS performance testing, performance may be lower depending upon host device, OS and application.
(2) 1 gigabyte (GB) = 1 billion bytes. Some capacity not available for data storage.
(3) MTBF – Mean Time Between Failures based on parts stress analysis.
(4) The earlier of (I) five (5) years or (II) the time at which such Product unit’s total cumulative data recorded on such unit at its S.M.A.R.T. attribute (log page
2Fh, parameter 25) or log page 11h, parameter 1 (Percentage Used Endurance Indicator) reaches 100% of the Product unit’s endurance value. For more
warranty information, please visit
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Lightning Ascend™ Gen. II 12Gb/s SAS 2.5" SSDs - Ordering Information
Part Number Capacity
SDLTODKM-200G-5Cxx 200GB
SDLTODKM-400G-5Cxx 400GB
SDLTODKM-800G-5Cxx 800GB
SDLTOCKM-016T-5Cxx 1.6TB