Modecom chladící podložka pod notebook MC-CF13 s větráčkem, pro notebooky do velikosti 14”

Compact shape and modern desing - The MODECOM SILENT FAN MC-CF13 cooling pad is capable with mobile... Viac...
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Product ID: PL-MC-CF-13
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Compact shape and modern desing
- The MODECOM SILENT FAN MC-CF13 cooling pad is capable with mobile computers with 14” diagonal image area. Undoubtedly, the MODECOM SILENT FAN MC-CF13 pad shall be appreciated by those who work with their mobile computers on a very frequent basis, both in the traditional and unconventional ways, e.g. in bed, on the sofa or on the lap, when travelling.
Perfect and silent cooling
- The MODECOM SILENT FAN MC-CF13 notebook pad is a very robust product. It has been made
of a high quality plastic material. The upper part of the pad has been covered with a special netlike surface that provides an excellent rejection of the generated heat by the computer, thanks to the many openings in the net. There is a very silent and efficient 14cm cooling fan, backlit with blue LED’s, located directly under the cooling pad.
A user-friendly product
- MODECOM SILENT FAN MC-CF13 has been designed to provide the highest comfort of use. The product employs numerous technologies which make working with a mobile computer pure pleasure. The two foldable legs deserve particular attention, as they make it possible to adjust the pad’s angle of inclination. There is also a coiled USB cable with anadapter, installed in the bottom part of the pad, which enables comfortable connection to the notebook, without the need to block the USB port.
Additionally, the bottom part of the pad contains four anti-slip rubber cushions, so as to enhance the stability of the pad. The super light-weight and compact design make the MODECOM SILENT FAN MC-CF13 pad very comfortable in transport.
Notebook cooler:
Dimensions: 390 x 295 x 34mm (L. x W. x H.)
Weight: 550 g
Rated voltage: 5V DC
Rated current: 0,15 +/- 0,02A
Fan speed: 900 +/- 150RPM
Air flow: 68,3 CFM
Noise level: 16dB +/- 10%
Bearing type: Hydrautomatic
Aluminium surface
160 mm ultra silent fan
Anti – skid design
USB with adapter
Unique shape holes in the fan-grill inlet guarantee a very quiet and efficient air flow
Anti – skid rubbermat

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