Modecom brašna Cordoba na notebooky do velikosti 15,6”, kovové přezky, černá

MODECOM Company presents its newest laptop bag model CORDOBA. This product is dedicated to use... Viac...
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MODECOM Company presents its newest laptop bag model CORDOBA. This product is dedicated to use withportable computers equipped with a screen size from 15,6 to 16” . MODECOM CORDOBA is product made from the highest quality materials. Thanks to its unique design MODECOM CORDOBA will appreciate even the most demanding users.
- MODECOM COMPANY as experienced and recognized producer of the computer components anticipates the needs of its customers and provides them with always fashionable, highest quality and highly functional products.Presented by us new laptop bag MODECOM CORDOBA perfectly describes phrase: classical business elegance. Moreover, thanks to its decorative elements in the form of modern stitch pattern, MODECOM CORDOBA is a perfect choice for those people who are looking for product designed in spirit of classic elegance with modern components.
- Laptop bag MODECOM CORDOBA offers excellent comfort during transport of your valuable equipment. The fact that this product was designed with the highest quality materials, the transport is almost imperceptible for the user. Depending on the situation, bag can be carry by the comfortable handle (business meeting) or during less formal meeting you can use attached comfortable, handy strap to carry bad on your shoulder.
- MODECOM CORDOBA was made from the high-quality materials, which provides excellent protection for any laptop with screen size in range from 15,6 to 16” . In the interest of maximum safety of your valuable equipment MODECOM CORDOBA is equipped with a special, inner protective chamber, which effectively protect your laptop in case of accidental fall or impact. Moreover, this protective chamber, separates your computer from other objects, which includes in the bag. On the other hand, a special rigid design prevents deformation of the bag and keep it always in good condition.
- MODECOM CORDOBA as a bag designed for the business, has been provided with a number of practical and user-friendly solutions, which are ideal during a businnes meeting. Particular attention should be paid for based on a zipper closure system, which allows for easy access to your laptop. In order to increase the functionality, MODECOM CORDOBA is also equipped with an extra pocket for documents and all kinds of accessories useful during business meetings.
Material: PU
Laptop dimensions: 15,6 – 16”
Bag dimensions: 41,5 x 30.5 x 5 cm
Inner pocketdimensions: 40 x 29 x 5 cm

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