Lenovo TP Battery 12++ X200 X201 jen modely Tablet ! 8-Cell Li-Ion

Typ (baterie pro ntb): Originální, Výrobce notebooku (baterie pro ntb): Lenovo, Pouze... Viac...
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Product ID: 43R9257
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Typ (baterie pro ntb):Originální
Výrobce notebooku (baterie pro ntb):Lenovo

Pouze pro NTB v provedeni ” tablet” ! U klasických notebooků X200 a X201 nelze osadit.
ThinkPlus TP Battery X200/X201 Tablet 8-Cell Li-Ion
ThinkPad X200 Tablet 8 Cell Li-Ion Battery (43R9256):
Stay unplugged longer with the help of a spare or replacement ThinkPad system battery. Increase the capacity of your original 4-cell system battery (select models) or carry an extra to extend your unplugged computing time. Its compatible design allows it to be in the system when the system is connected to ThinkPad X200 UltraBase.
Features & Benefits:
• Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) technology
• Six-cell, rechargeable system battery, 14.4 V, 4.6 Ah
• Standard system battery specifications
• Over-discharge protection