Intel ® Server System SFC4UR (Fox-Cove) 4CPU

The Intel® Server Platform S7000FC4UR is a 4U Server System supporting four Intel®... Viac...
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The Intel® Server Platform S7000FC4UR is a 4U Server System supporting four Intel® Xeon® processors 7000 series. The Value SKU supporting eight 2.5" SATA hard drives, dual on-board GB NIC boards, Intel® Embedded RAID Technology II (RAID 0,1).

System Includes:
- Button control panel and cable
- Drive Power Cable (Tape Backup and DVD-ROM)
- Fan Power Cable
- Two Front and two Rear Fan Module
- Front Panel Cable (SAS to Front Panel)
- Front Panel I/O Board
- Memory Board (8 Slots per board) with 8 DIMM fillers
- Power Supply Modules (15Amp, 110/220V)
- Rack Handles (Pair) and Rack Faceplate Assembly
- SAS/SATA 4U Backplane Board and 8 SAS/SATA HDD Carrier (Black) 2.5”

Processors supported Up to four multi-core Intel® Xeon® 7400, 7300 or 7200 Processor series
System memory Capacity: Support for up to 256 GB with up to 32 DIMM sockets
Type: Registered ECC fully buffered DDR2 533/667 SDRAM 72-bit, 240-pin gold-plated DIMMs
DIMM sizes: 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB
Memory voltage: 1.8 volt standard, 1.55 volt option
Reliability features: ECC memory support to correct single-bit errors and detect multiple-bit errors, supports memory sparing and mirroring

Integrated onboard/optional modules Chipset: Intel® 7300 Chipset
Intel® Server network connections: Quad Gigabit Ethernet* connections and support for Intel® Remote Management Module 2 (included in the Intel® Server System S7000FC4UR) Dual Gigabit Ethernet connections (Intel® Server System S7000FC4UR)
Graphics: ATI ES1000* PCI graphics controller, 1600x1200 maximum resolution
Trusted Platform Module (TPM): Trusted Computing Group™ TPM Specification 1.2 compliant
SAS Controller (Riser): Intel® Integrated RAID module (AFCSASRISER)
RMM2 (Riser + Module): RMM2 KVM and media connectivity, one 10/100 MB RJ-45

I/O PCI: Seven total PCI Express* slots: four x8 (two slots hot-plug), three x4
USB: Five USB 2.0-compatible connectors (two rear, three front access)
Serial ports: One rear DB9 9-pin connector
Video port: One rear and one front standard VGA-compatible 15-pin connector
LAN port: Dual Gigabit Ethernet connections (quad included in SFC4URE)

Intel® Server Management Integrated management type: Onboard platform instrumentation
Software support: Intel® System Management Software 2.0, Microsoft System Center Essentials (SCE) 2007*, Intel® Deployment Assistant v1.4
Remote management: Intel Remote Management Module 2
System monitoring and auto-recovery: System health indicators and corrective actions including automated power cycling, OS watchdog timer, and fault-resilient booting
Server troubleshooting: Intel® Light-Guided Diagnostics, continuous health monitoring, text console redirection, and error logs
Intelligent Platform Management: Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) 2.0

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