Infotrend INFORTREND(ESDS 3048GE), 4U, 2x 1G iSCSI 2x host board sloty, 1x6G SAS exp.,48xHDD ba_x0001_, _x0002_ingle Controller, 1x2GB, 3x PWS

High performance single controller complement high density 4U 48-bay storage that is designed... Viac...
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Product ID: DS3048G0E000B-8B30
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High performance single controller complement high density 4U 48-bay storage that is designed for powerful yet simple SMB and enterprise service in your SAN/DAS applications. Get more capacity and reliability in a dense system that delivers fast performance, convenient modular components, strong data integrity, friendly management, and extensive software bundles.

EonStor DS 3000 4U/48bay, Single controller subsystem including 1x6Gb SAS EXP. Port, 2x1G iSCSI ports +1x host board slot(s), 1x2GB, 3x(PSU+FAN Module), 48xHDD trays and 1xRackmount kit

Product advantages

Rich data services

Thin provisioning increases storage utilization to 80%
128-target snapshot included (upgradable to 4096 targets)
64 replication pair volume mirror/copy (upgradable to 256)

Easy upgradable host interface module

Choose 8Gb/s or 16Gb/s Fibre Channel, 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s iSCSI, or 6Gb/s SAS based on your needs and budget
Hybrid hosts for diverse environments on one system, e.g. Fibre Channel/SAS and onboard iSCSI

Enhanced system maintenance

Clear system messages make troubleshooting easy
Smart media scan prevents data errors and corruption
Front LCD display and LED indicators on both panels make system settings and information instantly accessible.

High performance and scalability

Up to 1.3M IOPS and 5,500 Mbps throughput
Ideal for database and VDI applications, while massive bandwidth enhances media editing and surveying jobs
Up to an extra 336 drives via Infortrend JB 2000 enclosures , 1,344TB space total, each drive up to 4TB

High density rackmount design

48 disk drives fit a single 4U chassis
3 convenient hot plug drive drawers open with one-hand ease
Up to 192TB per system in a space-saving form factor
Drives slot in vertically for easy push and pull access

Multiple management tools available

Exclusive SANWatch 3.0 browser-based interface allows consolidated storage management
Embedded RAIDWatch 3.0 with performance enhancement
Powerful CLI and command editing features

Powerful CLI and command editing features

Host Ports

Onboard Gb/s ports Two 1Gb/s iSCSI ports

More host options: Two 16Gb/s Fibre Channel ports
Four 8Gb/s Fibre Channel ports
Two 10Gb/s iSCSi ports/ SFP+ or RJ-45
Four 1Gb/s iSCSI ports
Two 6Gb/s SAS ports

Storage Controller

Single controller

Cache Memory

Default 2GB (1x2GB), up to 4GB (2x2GB), 8GB (2x4GB) or 16GB (2x8GB)

** The default capacity may vary by region, please contact our sales representatives for details

Drive Connectivity

6Gb/s SAS connectivity
Accommodates 2.5-inch disk drives
S.M.A.R.T. support
NCQ support
Automatic bad-sector reassignment
Dedicated bandwidth to each connected drive
Drive buffer on/off switch

Supported Drives

3.5” 7,200 RPM 6Gb/s Nearline SAS drives - 1TB , 2TB, 3TB or 4TB
3.5" 7,200 RMP 6Gb/s SATA drives - 2TB, 3TB or 4TB

** For the latest compatibility details, please contact our sales representatives

Maximum Number of Drives

Per system: 48
Via JBOD: 336

Corresponding Expansion Enclosure

Please refer to Related Information

Form Factor


RAID Functionality

Global, delicated or enclosure hot-spare
RAID levels supported : RAID 0, 1 (0+1), 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60
Online expansion by: Adding new drives
Copying and replacing drives with drives of larger capacity

RAID migration
Configurable stripe size and write policy per system
Intelligent drive handling In degraded mode: skips irreparable blocks to continue rebuild
In normal operation: data-block verification and repair

Data Services

Thin provisioning
Local replication ** Snapshot
Volume copy/ mirror

** Available with Standard license and optional Advanced license

Green Design

High-efficiency power supplies
Intelligent multi-level drive spin-down

Availability and Reliability

Redundant, hot-swappable hardware modules
CacheSafe technology
Multi-pathing support (EonPath)
Device mapper support


Various event notification methods including email, LAN broadcast, fax, SNMP traps, SMS, and Skype.


Java-based SANWatch management software
RS232 serial port for local access to firmware-embedded utility
Automated cache flush and caching mode operation per enclosure status
Telnet and SSH system monitoring via Ethernet
Platform-independent firmware management GUI
LCD keypad panel for monitoring and access to all configuration options
Module status LED indicators: component presence detection & thermal sensors via I2C bus

OS Support

Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2 (including Hyper-V)
RedHat Enterprise Linux
SUSE Linux Enterprise
Sun Solaris
Mac OS X

** For the latest OS support details, please contact our sales representatives.

Service and Support

All EonStor DS systems are shipped with 3-year Standard Service
Standard service: Hardware warranty
Software update, 8x5 phone, web and email support

Upgrade/Extension service*:
Replacement part dispatch on the next business day (up to 5 years) Advanced Service: 24x7 phone, web and email support + onsite diagnostics on the next business day
Premium Service: 24x7 phone, web and email support + onsite diagnostics in 4 hours

* Optional
** Service may vary by region


Power supplies: Three 530W DC
AC voltage: 100VAC @ 10A to 240VAC @ 5A with PFC (auto-switching)
Frequency: 47-63 Hz


Temperature: 0 to 35°C operating/ -40 to 60°C non-operating
Altitude: Sea level to 3660m (12,000ft) operating / sea level to 12,192m (40,000ft) non-operating
Relative humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing, operating and non-operating


Without chassis ears / protrusions:
445mm (W) x 175.9mm (H) x 873.5mm (D)


Without HDDs:68.4kg (150.80lbs)

Package Dimensions

630mm (W) x 426mm (H) x 1150mm (D) including paper pallet
630mm (W) x 670mm (H) x 1150mm (D) including HDD packages

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