Has 9/11 Changed Anything?

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The two autors analyse the way in which international relations have been altered by the shameful events occurring in New York and Washington. They do not choose to offer completely definitive answers, but instead motivate independent thinking concerning how the world has and is evolving, before and after the momentous date of September 11. We seem to be witnessing a revival of consciousness, learning and, hopefully, respect for culture in international relations. They have assumed considerable importance in the ever more interconnected world of the last few decades. The events of 9/11 in New York and Washington have greatly increased our interest concerning a deeper understanding of world affairs. The horror of international terrorism and resulting military response by democratic nations are, in several ways, making international relations the most common topic concerning political and economic debate. This new reality is the primary inspiration for this intriguing new book, including various chapters written by authoritative experts enhancing one’s conception of rapid economic and political change in the world. In Economics and Politics: Has 9/11 changed anything?, international relations in the current context, receives lucid analysis bringing to light the complexity of several interconnecting issues representing the sum total of international realities.

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ISBN: 978-80-8078-007-4

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