Gembird Sluchátka GEMBIRD MP3-EP01B pro MP3

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Product ID: SLU052218
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MP3 stereo earphones, gold-plated 3.5 mm jack, metal, black
##Noise cancelling
##Gold plated plug for premium sound quality
##Maximum comfort
##Music and movement are a perfect combination, so make sure your music moves with you. These super-light earphones take your music to the next level, wherever you go.
##The silicone ear sleeves enable you to wear your headphones for as long as you like without any discomfort. The noise cancelling technology enhances the pleasure of listening to lower volume levels in noisy environments. These headphones deliver a balanced sound experience and are the ideal companion to your MP3 player, iPod® or PC


Frequency range: 20 - 20.000 Hz
Sensitivity: 105 ± 5dB
3.5 mm audio plug
Cable length (audio plug to earplug): 105 cm (left), 130 cm (right)
Net weight: 12 g

Aktivní potlačení okolního hluku (sluchátka)NeS mikrofonem (sluchátka)NeBarva (sluchátka)ČernáBezdrátová (sluchátka)NeProvedení (sluchátka)Do ušíTyp připojení (sluchátka)3,5 mm jackVýrobce (sluchátka)Gembird
Aktivní potlačení okolního hluku (sluchátka)Ne
S mikrofonem (sluchátka)Ne
Barva (sluchátka)Černá
Bezdrátová (sluchátka)Ne
Provedení (sluchátka)Do uší
Typ připojení (sluchátka)3,5 mm jack
Výrobce (sluchátka)Gembird

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