Funkčná endoskopická chirurgia prinosových dutín

Autor knihy Jan KUBELÍK, Vydavatelstvo Bärenreiter... Viac...
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The Burleska (Burlesque) by Jan Kubelik (1880-1940), a virtuoso and composer who made Czech violin art famous all over the world and was called a new Paganini, was written in 1928. Like most of Kubelik`s works for violin and piano, it is distinguished by perfect instrumental stylisation and requires considerable technical brilliance on the part of performers. The Burleska will be a required work in the fourth (highest) category of the Jaroslav Kocian International Violin Competition in Usti nad Labem.

Vydavatelstvo Bärenreiter Praha
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ISBN: 979-02-6010-243-9

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