First Certificate Gold (zlatý) Exam Maxim w/k +CD (1)

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Tailor-made for the revised First Certificate in English examination, this course offers graded practice, advice and guidance, equipping students with the skills and language ability needed to tackle each task type with confidence. The Exam Maximiser is a combination of workbook and guide with practice materials, hot tips and strategies for maximising students` potential in the revised FCE exam. It includes a complete course-linked sample exam written to the Cambridge specifications. The Exam Maximiser can be used to accompany the Coursebook or independently as an intensive exam preparation course, in class or for self-study.

Vydavatelstvo Pearson education
Jazyk: anglický
Väzba: brožovaná
Rozmer: 210x285
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ISBN: 978-05-8246-128-4

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