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This book presents a number of stimulating and up-to-date studies, offering new methods for focusing upon the complexity of transformation economics and politics in Central and Eastern Europe. The formerly Communist countries in Europe began transformation to democratic market economies at the end of the 1980s, with this process being analyzed for quite some time. However, economic and political issues, having been kept apart for quite some time, should with this book be understood as a combination of economics and politics perceived through a unique umbrella of presentations. Cross-country comparisons are presented along with single case studies. The volume is thus divided into two parts: the first part examines actual methods concerning combining economics with ethics. The second part presents studies on political issues concerning transformation and Europe. An impressive list of experts from academia and international institutions offer valuable analyses. The reader will appreciate the depth of cross-order analysis at both economic and political levels.

Vydavatelstvo Iura Edition
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ISBN: 978-80-8078-045-6

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