Digitus Video Splitter 1 PC, 2 Monitors, 500 MHz, HDSUB 15 M - 2 X HDSUB 15 F Max. Res. 2048x1536p

Návod: Jiný, Video Splitter 1 PC, 2 Monitors, 350 MHz, 350 MHz, HDSUB 15/M - 2 X HDSUB 15/F, ... Viac...
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Product ID: DS-41110
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Video Splitter 1 PC, 2 Monitors, 350 MHz, 350 MHz,HDSUB 15/M - 2 X HDSUB 15/F, Max. Res. 2048x1536p
Video Splitter 1 PC, 2 Monitors, 500 MHz,HDSUB 15/M - 2 X HDSUB 15/F Max. Res. 2048x1536p
With a video splitter you can use one video source to display identical images on 2, 4, 8, or 16 monitors - or on even more screens by means of cascading. Thus, a video splitter can be used in various application fields, e.g. test bench facilities, data centers, help desks, video broadcasting, presentations and educational facilities.
Provides simultaneous display on two different monitors - Perfect for classrooms, tradeshows, or in-store displays
Enables to split a video-signal from a PC onto 2 monitors, or other video output devices
Video bandwidth: 500MHz
Max. resolution: 2048x1536p @60Hz
Max. transmission distance: 75m
Cascadable (max. 64)
Metal housing for better EMI shielding
DDC, DDC2, DDC2B support
Video IN/OUT: HD DSUB, 15-pin, jacks
Package Content
VGA splitter 500MHz, 2-port
Power supply
Support CD-ROM
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