Digitus Passive PoE Cable Kit

Návod: Jiný, Umožnuje napájet zařízení která nepodporují PoE po ethernet kabelu, za... Viac...
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Umožnuje napájet zařízení která nepodporují PoE po ethernet kabelu, za použití vlastního zdroje .
Šíře napájecího konektoru je 5,5mm.
DIGITUS Passive PoE Cable Kit
1x Splitter PD cable, 1x Injector PSE cable, White Jack diameter 5.5mm/2.1mm
By using DIGITUS Power over Ethernet products you can do without installing separate cables to supply your Ethernet devices with electricity! As most networking products need to be supplied with power, one often faces the problem that at places where you would like to mount your surveillance camera, as an example, there is no outlet. Here is the way out of this problem: The DIGITUS PoE products help you to mount your network components wherever you want to! Then your devices will be powered over the existing network cable.
Two cables are included in the DIGITUS Passive PoE Cable Set: The incoming cable features a connector with the DC power supply unit and also a connector with the network connection over a Cat 5e cable. The outgoing cable serves as a connection with the device. This way you can supply your devices with power within a maximum range of 5 meters.
• 1x Incoming cable, featuring RJ45 plug, DC jack and RJ45 jack
• 1x Outgoing cable for the device, featuring RJ45 plug, DC plug and RJ45 jack
• Suitable for 5.5mm DC plugs
• Connection speed: 10/100 Mbit/s
• PVC coating
• RJ45 plug
• Assignment: 1/2/3/6 for data transfer, 4/5/7/8 for power supply

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