Digitus DisplayPort prodlužovací kabel, DP F - DP M 2.0m

Návod: Jiný, High Performance - HD audio/video signals over longer distances DisplayPort... Viac...
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Product ID: AK-340200-020-S
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High Performance - HD audio/video signals over longer distances
DisplayPort extension cable, DP, M/F, 2.0m, w/interlock, DP 1.2 conform, UL, bl
This high performance HD digital audio and video cable used for extension of existing DisplayPort connections between grafic card an Monitor, for example.
•Connector 1: DP, plug
•Connector 2: DP, jack
•DisplayPort standard: DisplayPort 1.2
•UL certified: UL20276
•Hoods: molded
•Shielding: double shielding
•AWG: 28
•Wire material: CU
•Surface: nickel-plated
•Interlock: Snap fastener
•Ferrite filter: none
•Color cable: black
•Color connector: black
•Length: 2 m
•Packaging: Polybag
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DisplayPort adapter cable, mini DP - HD15, M/F, 0.15m, DP 1.1a compatible, UL, CE, wh
This cable suits ideal to connect a MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini and Mac Pro to a VGA Monitor, Beamer, LCD/TFT Monitor with a VGA Monitor cable, for example.

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