APC UPS Network Management Card 2 (AP9630)

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Product ID: AP9630
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novinky vůči AP9617:
-Command Line Interface replaces the Console Menu Structure for Telnet access to the card.This enables users to more easily run scripts via Telnet or locally via the configuration port.
-Improved processing speeds which allows users to quickly download logs and more efficiently upload security certificates.
-Improved security with up to 2048-bit encryption.
-Configuration port for local configuration of the UPS Network Management Card.
Note: You cannot install this Network Management Card in a Symmetra PX 250 or Symmetra PX 550 UPS.
Running a Multiple-UPS Configuration (Smart-UPS and Symmetra)
A multiple-UPS configuration is also know as a ” redundant UPS” configuration where one of several UPSs a) only partially shares the load or b) operates as a stand-by to back up a faulty unit.
Specifically, PowerChute Network Shutdown can manage up to three Smart-UPS or Symmetra units (of the same model type) providing redundant backup power to a single server. In this configuration, each UPS in the system has its own Network Management Card (AP9617, 18, or 19) with PowerChute Network Shutdown recognizing the entire configuration as a single UPS.
Caution: In a multiple-UPS configuration, each UPS must have enough capacity to carry all the electrical load of the computer system. So, for example, if you had two UPSs in a multiple configuration, and one stops supplying power, the other UPS must have enough capacity to continue supplying power to protect the computer system.
For a multiple-UPS configuration, you must have PowerChute Network Shutdown 2.2 or greater. See also Requirements.
You can\`t upgrade to a multiple-UPS configuration from a previous version of PowerChute Network Shutdown: you must uninstall, install the new version, and reconfigure your options.
With a multiple configuration, PowerChute Network Shutdown always recognizes and logs the events in the groups listed below (see the text on individual events in the List of Events section in Help.html):
• Network communication lost events
• UPS communication lost events
• UPS off
• UPS on battery events
• Environmental Monitoring Card events
• Runtime Exceeded
For the Environmental Monitoring Card and Runtime Exceeded events, any actions you configured for the event will be instigated (see the Configuring Events section in Help.html).
Notes: With multiple-UPS configurations:
• PCNS always considers either a) a low battery condition or b) a UPS off condition as a critical event.
• Two critical events in succession always cause a shutdown. In addition, with any of these configurations, a critical event will cause an immediate shutdown, no delay time will be counted.

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